2009-2010 Season



World Premiere Work-in-Progress
Written by Johanna Dunphy, Shoshanna Hill, Joseph Nevin, Ken Sandberg, & Owen Timoney 
Directed by Joseph Nevin
September 3-11, 2009
Plays & Players 
Main Stage


Starring: Victoria Frings, Davon Williams, Ken Sandberg, Johanna Dunphy, Nicholas Troy, Benjamin Goldman, Nikki Evans, Christopher Morse, Amanda Greco, Susan Roth

It’s a musical. About zombies. Inspired by classic horror films and cult musicals, our story follows a mad scientist, a surly sheriff, a pair of young lovers, and a zombie hunter as they try to survive in a world overrun by zombies . . . and sing about it.

“This show is not a piece of high art – it’s silly, outrageous and fun – everything you’d think a musical about zombie’s should be.”

-Philly Theatre Talk



Photo credit: Drew Hood, Throwing Light Photography

World Premiere
Written by P. Seth Bauer
Directed by Daniel Student
November 5-22, 2009

Starring: Mark Cairns, Robert DaPonte, John Devennie, and Helen McCrane

Plays & Players was proud to present this world premiere by local playwright P. Seth Bauer, writer of 1812 Productions’ hit comedy, “The Karma Cookie.” During a blinding snow storm on New Year’s Eve, Leo and Betty Rosen recall a recent car crash involving their son, Daniel, and his long-time partner whom they never accepted. While debates on  little league strategy, the frugality of firewood, and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve ensue, unexpected visitors arrive at their Newtown, Massachusetts home, including Daniel himself. Early in the Mourning takes us through the emotional and unexpectedly humorous journey of familial love and loss, and the struggle for Leo and Betty to face reality before it is too late.


Photo credit: Drew Hood, Throwing Light Photography

“Cairns admirably navigates the play’s centerline role with a serious approach that never delves into histrionics. Devennie remains appreciably staid throughout, a much appreciated balance to McCrane’s wrought, though appropriate, hysterics. And DaPonte… plays each revelation with judicious sincerity.”

-Edge Philadelphia

“With a beautiful set and new risers for seating in the Skinner Studio, it was impressive from the beginning.”

Philly Theatre Talk


World Premiere
Written by Nicholas Wardigo
Directed by Carol Laratonda
January 7-24, 2010


Photo credit: Ashley Smith, Throwing Light Photography

Amidst a sprawling garden in Wynnewood, PA, a sculpture of a protoceratops looms over Angelica Busso and her friends as they prepare for a spirited evening of conversation, croquet and cocktails. Joining them for the game is Angelica’s daughter, Marta, who is home on break from graduate school while working on a cure for squirrel overpopulation, and their sexy house boy, Dennis, each with their own secrets to hide.  As the competition begins, more than just points are tallied. These “Desperate Housewives of the Main Line”sift through one another’s sordid pasts and settle old scores.


Photo credit: Ashley Smith, Throwing Light Photography

“Plays and Players definitely found a cast that understood the characters they were cast to play.  Each character was extremely real and each had their own, unique personality, even in portraying characters who are all guarded, and to an extent, fake. Peggy Smith (Angelica) had the audience wrapped around her finger from the moment she opened her mouth to speak. Sincere and a bit scary, she knew what she wanted and wasn’t at all afraid to say it.”

Philly Theatre Talk

“Lance Moore’s scenic design makes her backyard a big “X” in Plays & Players’ intimate upstairs space, with the audience tucked in corners close to the action, and features the titular stony reptile in a dark comedy that sizzles with sexual tension and naughty secrets. “

Philadelphia City Paper



Photo credit: Ashley Smith, Throwing Light Photography

Tony Award for Best Play
Written by Richard Greenberg
Directed Daniel Student
March 11-27, 2010
Plays & Players 
Main Stage 

Starring: Chuck DeLong, Bill Egan, Sam Han, Gerard Joseph, Joe Matyas, David Mason, Ted Powell, Jerry Rudasill, Dan Sanchez, Ryan Walter, and Peter Zielinski


Photo credit: Ashley Smith, Throwing Light Photography

In this Tony Award Winner for Best Play, America’s National Pastime is forever altered as Darren Lemmings, star of the New York Empires, comes out of the closet to his team, his friends, and to the public at large. As his deeply racist and homophobic teammate, Shane Mungitt, grows incensed by the news, Darren’s gay financial manager, Mason Marzac, finds a new hero, and the other players see their locker room in a whole new light, the only person who seems unaffected is Darren himself. The drama of the season unfolds on and off the field, and in the end we are left with one question: “what will we do till spring?”

“Take Me Out”, presented by Plays & Players, will not only remind you of how you’ve missed watching our beloved Phillies during this long, cold winter, but also hooks hard into the proverbial left field, exploring the life of a star baseball player after he announced his homosexuality to the public.”





Written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II
Directed by Lance Moore
May 27 – June 12, 2010


Photo credit: Ashley Smith, Throwing Light Photography

Starring:  Eileen Cella, John D’Alonzo, Michael Dura, Tomas Dura, Justina Ercole, Joel Evans, Abby Fallen, Teri Leahy, Susan Mattson, Helen McCrane, Hope McQuiod, Molly McQuiod, Will McQuiod, Patti Allis Mengers, Tom Osborne, Jonathan Rivera, David Stahl, Michael Stimson


Photo credit: Ashley Smith, Throwing Light Photography

In this revival of the groundbreaking Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, a mill girl in a small New England fishing village, Julie Jordan, marries a handsome carousel barker, Billy Bigelow, things soon turn sour for the couple. Desperate for money after learning that he is soon to become a father, Billy is killed during an attempted robbery. Several years later, when he is allowed to return to earth for a short time, he seeks out the daughter of his union with Julie. Enter a world of love lost and love regained, and stunning classic musical numbers such as If I Loved You, June Is Bustin’ Out All Over, and You’ll Never Walk Alone.

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