2016-2017 Season

Robert, Mary and Sam co producers The Jaws Project, June 26 to July 4th 2016


Stephen Spielberg’s Jaws was shot on location at Martha’s Vineyard, MA in 1974.  It was a legendarily disastrous production that resulted in one of the greatest movies of all time and an unprecedented financial success. Devised by Philadelphia theatre artists Robert Daponte, Mary Tuomanen, and Sam Henderson, the Jaws Project is a wicked rude comedy, an unlikely love story, and an unflinching examination of a turning point in American culture.

ReVamp Collective co-producer Twelve Chairs, Nov 9 to 19 2016
By John O’Hara


Join ReVamp Collective for this unique production as 6 women directors and 12 women actors explore playwright John O’Hara’s time-spanning look at the close, complex and ultimately compassionate relationship between mother and daughter.

Rainbow Bar and Grill, Plays & Players produced, Jan 14 to Jan 28 2017
By Bruce Graham


The world is coming to an end. You have one day left. What do you do?

This is the question tackled by Philadelphia playwright, Bruce Graham’s apocalyptic comedy/drama. Forget mass hysteria and anarchy in the streets. If your name is Shep and you tend bar in a small Pennsylvanian town, it’s one last day of business as the play zeroes in on a group of strangely upbeat small town folk who are coming to grips with their impending doom.

A Feminine Ending co-producer Rachel Diamond, Jan 31 2017 to Feb 5
by Sarah Treem

Having recently graduated from a major conservatory, and with a rocker boyfriend on the brink of stardom, aspiring composer Amanda Blue’s “extraordinary life” seems to be all mapped out.  But when she’s called home to answer her mother’s distress call about a [marriage in crisis/marital crisis], Amanda’s grand plan starts to unravel.  A Feminine Ending is a bittersweet new play about dreams deferred, loves lost and learning to trust a woman’s voice in a man’s world.

ReVamp Collective co-producer for Jimmy Gorski is Dead March 14 to 25 2017, April 12, 2017 to April 22 2017
by Kristen M. Scatton


Jimmy Gorski, a young man with a bright future, dies of a heroin overdose. Now, those closest to him – his brother, his best friend, and his girlfriend – must confront their feelings about him, each other, and their own roles in the tragedy. Time shifts, accusations fly, and secrets are revealed in this world premiere about who and what defines a life, set against the backdrop of America’s opioid epidemic.

Plays & Players and Scott Rodrique “The Fever
By Wallace Shawn


As a political prisoner is executed, a privileged liberal artist awakens, wracked with nausea and afflicted by questions he can no longer ignore. Winner of the 1991 Obie Award for Best Play, this blistering monologue sets wry and quirky humor against searing self-scrutiny. What is the extent of our accountability, and how do we reconcile our desire to celebrate life with the world’s perpetuation of social injustice, disparity of wealth, and our own government’s abhorrent foreign policy?

Plays & Players with The Irish Heritage Theatre “Making History,” May 25th to June 10th 2017
By Brian Friel


Powerful historical forces determine the destinies of Hugh O’Neill, the Earl of Tyrone and Red Hugh O’Donnell before and after the battle of Kinsale in Brian Friel’s Making History. Although a love match, O’Neill’s personal life is complicated by his marriage to an English wife, Mabel Bagenal, the daughter of his enemy. O’Neill forges an Irish and Spanish alliance to drive the English out of Ireland while Peter Lombard, Archbishop of Armagh, is raising questions while writing a history of O’Neill’s life. Is history true? Should it be? Find out in this compelling production of Friel’s rarely produced masterpiece.

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